GNOD (R&D) + Woven Skull @ Tricky's McGarrigles, February 10th
GNOD (R&D) + Woven Skull @ Tricky's McGarrigles, February 10th

GNOD (R&D) + Woven Skull @ Tricky's McGarrigles, February 10th

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Doors 8:30pm

Start: 9pm

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Gnod (R&D) is a stripped back version of the band consisting for this outing of Gnod co founders Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam.

After 10 years of Gnod with over 40 players passing through the ranks and collaborations with the likes of Charles Hayward, Faust, Anthony Child and White Hills to name but a few, Gnod (R&D) is a chance to hit the road and 'research and develop' sounds, places, people and atmospheres for the next stages of future Gnod performances.

R&D will find Paddy and Chris improvising with new instruments, sounds and ideas with the option of collaborating with various musicians along the way. There will be an open stage at Gnod(R&D) shows and people are encouraged to get involved be it singing , shouting, dancing, bringing an instrument/device to the table or just simply tuning in and coming along for the ride.

"This ain’t rocknroll, this is the soundtrack to the coming apocalypse with music so utterly uncompromising and merciless as to make Killing Joke sound like a bunch of softies and Swans like choirboys."  The Quietus




In 2008, the core trio that make up Woven Skull began gathering together in the home of two of the members, set deep in the bogs and forests of County Leitrim: an empty, sparse area in the northwest of Ireland known for its myths of shee, tales of lake monsters, and calls of otherworldly beings in the still of the night. Several years experimenting with combinations of instrumentation, kitchen utensils, seashells, footsteps, chimes, recordings of cats purring and frogs mating led to their current sound which combines densely propulsive guitar, distorted mandola and endless cyclical rhythms. Woven Skull strip and scrape what they can out of minimal instrumentation to teeter on the brink of total sonic meltdown creating engulfing, raw primal drones and damaged rock manoeuvres; the result of which has often been described as the traditional music of a self-imagined land.

This sound draws on the influences of the combined backgrounds of the trio with Aonghus (guitar) and Willie (percussion) born and bred in Dublin and Natalia (mandola) born in Ukraine and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Beaten through strings and blasted through amplifiers in a live setting, the group (whose members can swell from 3 to 4 or 6 or 10) meld repetitions that spiral through each other to create multiple layers of beautiful but harsh enwrapments.

"The band recall the ramshackle anthems of Exuma and the spirited improv of Six Organs Of Admittance, suggesting that without furious discipline they can make very beautiful sounds."  Norman Records